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"I tell the stories I LIVE and DIE by -- putting my HEART on the line, pursuing my VISION, shooting in a dying format -- proud to be among the last FILM-makers."​

Sanctuary Within  -  Thriller
      * Finalist for Roy W. Dean $50k Film Grant
Finale  -  Supernatural Horror
      * Produced 2005 - Distributed by Image Entertainment
        USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the UK, Germany,
        Spain, France, Portugal, Benelux & HBO Central Europe
Kiss before the Slaughter  -  Horror / Thriller
      * Awarded 'Best Screenplay - A Night of Horror International Film Fest'
​      * Voted onto the Bloodlist 2010
Puzzle House  -  Supernatural Horror
      * Semi-Finalist - Screamfest Horror Film Festival
Ruling Class  -  Thriller
      * Commissioned by Blackbox Entertainment
Siege  -  Supernatural Horror
      * Commissioned by Blackbox Entertainment
Gnome Alone  -  Horror-Comedy
      * Commissioned by Hollywood Media Bridge
      * Additional Scenes, fixed plot-holes, wrote new opening & climax

      * WINNER
        "Best Horror Film" Indie Spirit, Colorado '09
​        Kodak New Filmmaker Grant - Panavision Grant - Laser Pacific Grant
        "Best Horror Film" Seattle True Independent '09
        "Best Feature" Audience award at Oxford International '09
        "Indie Spirit Award" A Night of Horror, Sydney Australia '09
        "Best Cinematography" Boston International '09
        Screamfest, LA '09 - Film4 FrightFest, UK '10 -
        Pifan, South Korea '10 - Fantastporto, Brazil '10 - Dances with Films, LA
        '09 - Spooky Movie, Washington DC '09 - Grimm Up North, UK '10 -
        Strasbourg, France '09 Ravenna Nightmare, Italy '10 - Horrific Film
        Fest, San Antonio '12
Gnome Alone

      * Directed additional 30 mins of re-shoots for Hollywood Media Bridge
      * Directed additional  10 mins of Creature transformations, kill scenes,
        and stunts for Producer Harald Kloser
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