"I tell the stories I LIVE and DIE by -- putting my HEART on the line, pursuing my VISION, shooting in a dying format -- proud to be among the last FILM-makers."​

Sanctuary Within  -  Thriller
      * Finalist for Roy W. Dean $50k Film Grant
Finale  -  Supernatural Horror
      * Produced 2005 - Distributed by Image Entertainment
        USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the UK, Germany,
        Spain, France, Portugal, Benelux & HBO Central Europe
Kiss before the Slaughter  -  Horror / Thriller
      * Awarded 'Best Screenplay - A Night of Horror International Film Fest'
​      * Voted onto the Bloodlist 2010
Puzzle House  -  Supernatural Horror
      * Semi-Finalist - Screamfest Horror Film Festival
Ruling Class  -  Thriller
      * Commissioned by Blackbox Entertainment
Siege  -  Supernatural Horror
      * Commissioned by Blackbox Entertainment
Gnome Alone  -  Horror-Comedy
      * Commissioned by Hollywood Media Bridge
      * Additional Scenes, fixed plot-holes, wrote new opening & climax

      * WINNER
        "Best Horror Film" Indie Spirit, Colorado '09
​        Kodak New Filmmaker Grant - Panavision Grant - Laser Pacific Grant
        "Best Horror Film" Seattle True Independent '09
        "Best Feature" Audience award at Oxford International '09
        "Indie Spirit Award" A Night of Horror, Sydney Australia '09
        "Best Cinematography" Boston International '09
        Screamfest, LA '09 - Film4 FrightFest, UK '10 -
        Pifan, South Korea '10 - Fantastporto, Brazil '10 - Dances with Films, LA
        '09 - Spooky Movie, Washington DC '09 - Grimm Up North, UK '10 -
        Strasbourg, France '09 Ravenna Nightmare, Italy '10 - Horrific Film
        Fest, San Antonio '12
Gnome Alone

      * Directed additional 30 mins of re-shoots for Hollywood Media Bridge
      * Directed additional  10 mins of Creature transformations, kill scenes,
        and stunts for Producer Harald Kloser

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Our MISSION is to create gripping, eye-shattering films with fresh talent and low overhead, not sacrificing style or quality but cutting out the fat, returning to the roots of independent cinema when films were made by the skin of your teeth, a TRIAL BY FIRE.